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Drew complete... ANIMATION BEGINS!

The Drew rig from last week, which was originally just a 3Q view, is now rigged in all main views! Wowee! Look at him go.

Drew Rig Turn

Additionally.. I also wanted to make sure he animated. While I am still working out the kinks, I can definitely get a performance out of him. Excited to push it further.

" get another job?"

I am really excited to go full steam with animation now. Especially since our SOUND DESIGNER HAS BEEN HIRED - YAY! I'm definitely a little behind but I'm confident in no time I will be back in it! Huzzah.

Have a great Thanksgiving my compadres!


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He looks terrific and moves well (just make sure to lock him from the hips down. And congratulations on hiring a sound designer!!! woo hoo!

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