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Good Ol' Pre-Pro

The choices you make in pre-production are crucial because they pave the way for the creation of the entire film. With the completion of my animatic last week, I am feeling optimistic about my story and characters. I feel ready to move forward with them, and I have. Our two protagonists, Evan and Drew, represent the two extremes that I am exploring.

Evan is the stick-in-the-mud workaholic that cannot see past his resume and clients. He is constantly working on projects and low-key judges people who don't do the same thing. I wanted him to literally evoke the "stick in the mud" aesthetic by making him very thin and lanky. His head silhouette is purposefully square, because he's a "square," and this shape will change as the film progresses.

Uneven Evan Model Sheet

Evan Turnaround

Drew on the other hand represents the character who cares about his social status and enjoys the company of other people. He doesn't make work a priority and, as a result, feels unfulfilled. He tries to distract himself with other things, but it leaves him hollow. His shape is more circular to evoke this, and his wardrobe is a bit more flashy than Evan, who is purposefully a bit "Plain Jane."

Drew Model Sheet

Drew Turnaround

The two have a very banter-y relationship, a la Drake & Josh. But, they're roommates and friends, just being stressed out by different things.


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I love Drew's socks. You could emphasize the size difference a little more- but overall I like your designs! Great range of expressions.

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