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The Animatic is Here!

Updated: Sep 18, 2018



All polished thumbnails:

Looking forward to feedback!


Drew sees Evan's clean apartment.

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The animatic looks good. Here are some minor suggestions:

1:37 is a big moment when he decides to forget about the disaster and eat whipped cream. I recommend showing each thought: Panic/ Confusion/ Finding Whipped Cream/ Hopelessness/ Finally eating it / Relief. We need to understand that transition. Maybe push in at the end of it?

1:45 show him going from "Relief" (or whatever he is feeling) to determination before he takes action.

Why does he respond to the fire by taking out the trash? As the audience I really believe the city is on fire, so I don't really understand how getting his act together helps the situation. I know you are trying to communicate it's the end of…


I look forward to viewing your animatic!

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