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The episode is complete! Also, more Evan pre-pro!

After 9 months of production, development, animation and tears, the newest Inanimate Insanity episode is complete! I am the series creator, director and producer. I always animate, voice act for, and edit the episodes!


It was also a pleasure to screen the episode to a live audience in town before we released it online! Truly an awesome experience.

But don't fret, I have still been working on Uneven Evan! Drew is now rigged thanks to the help of my prop-designer, Loren!

What a dynamic duo! Currently trying to solidify a sound designer. Excited to really really devote my time to this now with this big project complete.


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Wow- I am impressed! You have been busy. What a double life you lead! Congratulations- I look forward to watching the entire episode. I am so glad you managed to continue making progress on your senior film. Good work Adam.

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