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Things are Turning Around

Face Turn Test

All of the angles are built for Evan, including a back 3Q and a back view. However, the views don't mean anything if you can't switch between them in a believable way! This was just a little test I did to make sure everything was working. I think I got a lot of milage out of the rigs.

Putting a little bit of secondary action on the nose/hair goes a long way in distracting the viewer from any inconsistencies. Some of these in-betweens are downright hideous but you can't really even tell!

Rig Sheet

I am still trying to figure out times to record my actors (huge sigh) but at least everyone is solidified! Super excited.

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OMG I LOVE the follow through on the nose!!! It is so good!!!

Good luck with the recording session- I hope you can work it out soon.

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