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Series has garnered over 265,000 subscribers and 155 Million total views worldwide. 32 episodes have been produced.

Inanimate Insanity is an animated web-series created and directed by Adam Katz. Adam's work on the series includes screenwriting, 2D animation, video editing, voice acting, storyboarding, and all other elements of series development and production.

Production includes an international staff of contributors, including ten animators, three writers, fifteen voice actors, two composers, a background painter, and two audio editors.

Inanimate Insanity - Screenshot Gallery
"Hatching the Plan" - S2E14
1,000,000+ views
"Mine Your Own Business" - S2E13
2,500,000+ views
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Animated short by Adam Katz

Uneven Evan is an animated short film created, animated, and directed by Adam Katz. Its production cycle has been completed and is now available for viewing. 


The film centers around our protagonist, Evan, who has an uneven balance between his work and personal life. His inability to balance these two worlds is physically represented in the environment around him. Can Evan find a balance between the two and restore the world to normalcy?

Software used: Adobe Animate, Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X

View film here! Password is chill

Treasure Time is a one-minute long animated film created by Adam Katz.  Adam handled every aspect of the short's production, including concept design, storyboarding, "tra-digital" animation, background design, sound design, video editing and more.


This short film was created for CTAN201 at the University of Southern California - School of Cinematic Arts.


"Waffling About" - Inanimate Insanity Short

Join Test Tube and Nickel on a journey to discover the true meaning behind a "balanced breakfast!"

Animated short in the Inanimate Insanity universe. Animation and design done by Adam Katz (me). Taken from concept to completion in approximately 1 month. The style is greatly inspired by the Paper Mario series of games and South Park, with an Inanimate Insanity twist!

JK Simmons: Whiplash - Traditional Animation
This is a short 2D traditional animation test that I did for my freshman 2D Animation class.  The animation was done traditionally on paper, and then scanned into the computer using DragonFrame.  I studied under Eric Goldberg to create this animation.



My guest appearance on Channel Frederator's "NOTIFICATION SQUAD!"
LIVE ANIMATING Inanimate Insanity - Livestream
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