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Riggy Iggy

This week was another solidly productive week, and not just on Uneven Evan! First of all, the rigs were of the upmost priority, so I finally finished rigging a 3Q, FRONT, and SIDE rig for Evan. Now he's a lot more adjustable and can fit in other angles, even if he will be mostly seen in 3Q. Drew is being created, and I'm beginning to also paint backgrounds. Woohoo.


I also created a finalized and updated asset list with the new animatic, which can be viewed here! CLICK HERE

Additionally, the new episode of my web-series is almost complete, and once that is finished I will no longer have to worry about it for the entire year! (I'm taking a hiatus, hopefully my future will not crumble from it. Haha!)

Lightbulb falling!

Test Tube's Blaster!

My actors have been fully casted and we're setting up times for them to record in the studio! Excited! Things are really looking up. Yay. Woohoo. Yah!

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This looks terrific- and an impressive asset list! I will have to check out your web series. Good work!

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